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Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2016 Part One

As of the episode of NXT which aired on October 12th, we’re half way through the first round of the second-ever (annual, maybe?) Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. This seems as good a time as any to look back at what we’ve seen so far.

The first match of the tournament saw the relatively new Authors of Pain (managed by WWE Hall of Famer and fellow Minnesotan Paul Ellering) against the Bollywood Boys in their debut on NXT TV. Predictably, the Authors of Pain won.

Later in that same episode we saw the NXT tag team champions The Revival take on the team of Andrade “Cien” Almaden and Cedric Alexander. The Revival took part in the first tournament last year and have since gone on to become the first ever two time NXT tag team champions, whereas their opponents are still pretty new to the promotion and had never tagged together before. The Revival won, which surprised me as I didn’t think they’d want the champions to progress all that far in the tournament since they don’t really have anything to gain by it. More interesting, after the match Andrade Almas attacked Cedrick Alexander in an apparent heel turn.

The next week (the episode which aired last night), we saw Glorious 10, a pairing of Tye Dillinger and Bobby Roode a lot of people were excited for take on the debuting SAnitY. I’m not familiar with any of the members (there are four of them) of this new team, but the announcers made it seem as though someone with more knowledge of wrestlers outside of WWE would know who they are. Right from the start, SAnitY was brutal and just destroyed Tye Dillinger. When he sought help from his partner, Bobby Roode walked away, no doubt setting up a feud between them which should be entertaining to see play out. SAnitY got the win.

Finally, we saw TM61 versus Riddick Moss and Tito Sabbatelli, who were both making their NXT TV debut (though I saw them both perform at a recent NXT Live event.) The match went on longer than I would have expected and neither of the new guys were especially impressive. TM61 won the match.

To summarize, as of now we have the Authors of Pain, The Revival, SAnitY, and TM61 progressing to round two. There are still four matches left in the first round and they will be airing over the next couple of weeks. Of those, I’m particularly looking forward to No Way Jose and Rich Swan teaming up against Tony Nese and Drew Gulack.

What do you think of this year’s Classic so far? Did any of the matches go differently than you expected? What match are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.

NXT 06/15/2016

After NXT Takeover The End, they’re calling this a new beginning for NXT. I hope this episode was just setting things up and not a sign of what we can expect in the future from NXT.

The show openes with a tag team match between the new Authors of Pain pain and two people they didn’t even bother introduce. The Authors of Pain are the team who attacked American Alpha at Takeover and are managed by WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering.

The match showed this new team to pretty much be straight brawlers and that took them to victory, if there was ever any doubt. I really hate this meaningless sort of match.

This annoyed me. If the Authors of Pain weren’t going to launch straight into a feud with American Alpha, there was no reason to attack them at Takeover. It would have made more sense to go after The Revival.

After that, Andrade “Cien” Almas and Tye Dillinger exchanged words in the back and the Authors of Pain ignored a request for an interview.

Up next was a women’s division match with Carmella, obnoxious as ever, against Tessa Blanchard, who is still pretty new and apparently just a jobber so far.

The match was pretty standard fare, with Tessa Blanchard showing more personality than I expected going in. Carmella showed a lot of flash in the ring and eventually won by submission, then danced in celebration probably just to annoy me, personally.

After that was a statement from Samoa Joe. It was recorded last week, after retaining the title. He was just reaffirming that he’s champion, really.

Blake and Murphy were interviewed backstage next. Apparently they’re back together. It seemed like there was some friction between the two but they tried to blame it on Alexa Bliss and move on. Their match against TM61 was up next. At least it wasn’t another pointless match.

Solid teamwork and a decent showing from TM61, while Blake and Murphy were as dull as ever. Obviously just a match to try to get TM61 over. Yawn.

After that, there was a statement from The Revival about being tag champions. My interest in this episode began to weaken even further.

Next was a recap and interview with Bayley backstage, followed by the match promised earlier between Tye Dillinger and Andrade Almas. That was a rematch from last week’s Takeover.

These two guys put on an entertaining show again, just like at Takeover. Almas dominated and,, eventually scored a pin fall for the victory.,

Up next we got to hear from Finn Balor, one week after his failure to reclaim the NXT title. The audience was behind him all through, even chanting, “please don’t go.” When he started asking what’s next for Finn Balor, he was interrupted by Shinsuke Nakamura. They got along well and Nakamura challenged Balor to a match.

– Authors of Pain defeated an unidentified tag team. 
– Carmella defeated Tessa Blanchard. 
– TM61 defeated Blake and Murphy. 
– Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Tye Dillinger. (Rematch from NXT Takeover The End.)

What interest I had in Authors of Pain waned with this episode as they failed to do much of anything with them. Paul Ellering makes me want to like them, if only because he’s a Hall of Famer from my home state and had a hand in the Legion of Doom back in the day.

I think the NXT women’s division is going to go through a rough patch as they start trying to elevate some of the newer talent.

The Finn Balor versus Shinsuke Nakamura match is going to be great and a suitable send off for Balor. (Balor has already been spotted at at least one main roster event, likely discussing with Creative how he’s going to come up.)

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