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Three Premieres

Three premieres this week on TV.

First, we had The X-Files. If you follow me on here, you know I’ve been eagerly awaiting that one. The first episode was good but felt like it could have been two. Scenes seemed to jump too rapidly and everyone was talking fast most of the time. We learned Joe McHale comes across as a parody if he attempts a dramatic role. And, while time is kind to no one, David Duchovny looks like he’s aged a decade in the two years since Californication ended.

Lucifer was next. I’m not really familiar with the comic source material, so for all I know they butchered it. That said, I thought this first episode was excellent. If they’re all half as good, I’m a fan. I’d love to see some of the actors/characters from the canceled Constantine series bleed over, even if just cameos.

Then came Lucha Underground, which most of you probably give zero shits about. The season two premiere had too much drama, not enough lucha. I think there were three matches in the hour long program. Matt Stryker is still awful. The performances were solid, but I always enjoy luchadors. It was cool seeing a woman have a shot at the championship, too.