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New Starship Troopers!

Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, Sony announced a new Starship Troopers movie would be released and have a one-night-only theater run in August. The surprising thing is this movie is a continuation of the last four, not the reboot we’ve known for some time was in the works. 

That’s fucking awesome.

This movie called Traitor of Mars and is animated, just like the last one. The people who played Johnny and Dizzy in the first film returned to voice those characters, which tells us this film must be set during the same time as the first. The writer of the first movie is also back.

I love the franchise, so obviously I’m​ looking forward to it. I hope one of the theaters in my area will be showing this one. I plan to take the night off work to go, if at all possible. 

I think animated is the right way to go with this franchise, even though this will probably be the end of it. The trailer is pretty simple, doesn’t have a whole lot of information, but is still pretty damn cool.

For a little more information, and a look at the above mentioned trailer, check out the write up I did for Dark Futures yesterday.

What To Say On A Monday

In case anyone cared, the Preditors & Editors Readers’ Poll is now closed. It actually has been for a few days. Of course, if you cared, you’d already know that. They haven’t released the official results yet, but I’m pretty sure my Cyberpunk Writers group took the top in the Writers’ Discussion Forums.

We are now less than a week from the premier of the new series of The X-Files and the Royal Rumble. I’m looking forward to both.

Whatever they do with The X-Files, I’m sure it will be at least as good as the last season or two of the original series. Hopefully it’s even better. I like what I’ve seen of the cast they got, beyond the people from the original series. I only wish they’d gotten Robert Patrick back to play Doggett, if only in a bit part, since they have Reyes coming back in some capacity.

Just yesterday, my girlfriend and I finished watching through all of the original X-Files series. It was quite the experience and took us several months. I wish things had gone differently toward the end, but it was clear the show was faltering.

About the Royal Rumble… I’m looking forward to the intercontinental title match probably the most. Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens are two of my favorites right now and their matches are usually entertaining to watch. Either way that one turns out, I’ll be happy.

As for the Royal Rumble match itself, I’m not sure what to think. Making it a heavyweight title defense kind of screws with things, especially where Wrestlemania is concerned. I’d love to see someone unexpected come out on top, especially Stardust, but that’s not likely to happen. I hope they won’t be so lame as to hand the title to Brock Lesnar when he just came back…or, really, to ever let him have it again. Or be around. Lesnar is awful. The Big Show winning would be really cool. Give him a Royal Rumble win and one last title range as he (apparently) approaches retirement. Maybe have that lead to an I Quit match or something. But, if I had to make a prediction, I’d say Roman Reigns will win to retain his title and that will set in motion a feud between him and Lesnar, which will culminate at the main event of Wrestlemania.

In any case, since the pay per view is less than a week away, I’m sure they’ll do something to make RAW tonight interesting.

In other entertainment news, The Flash and Arrow are back this week. Legends of Tomorrow premiers, too. This is going to be a good week.

Finally, onto writing. That’s probably what people reading this are actually most interested in anyway, right? Well, I’ve mostly been slacking off. I’ve got a story started which I may make into a serial to be posted here, on Watt Pad, or maybe published in Phase 2 Magazine. I won’t make any decision on that until I’ve written quite a bit more of it.

I have an idea for a short piece, probably flash or maybe even just a vignette, if you’re picky. It’s a tribute to Lemmy of Motorhead. I’ll probably throw in a nod to Wayne and Tera Wray Static, too. I’ll probably be giving it to Far Horizons, since that’s where the idea started, but it will probably eventually find its way here.

I’ve been slacking off thus far this month, but serious reading for the 5th issue of Phase 2 Magazine and the first omnibus starts now.

And that’s all for today.

Scott Weiland Has Died

Word is coming in that Scott Weiland, best known as the former vocalist for Stone Temple Pilots has died. In Minnesota, no less.


Image taken from the statement on Scott Weiland's Facebook page. I claim no ownership.

Somewhere in my CD collection, I have two or three Stone Temple Pilots albums and a Velvet Revolver album. I always enjoyed Weiland’s work, though I never got into it enough that I followed him closely. In fact, I was not even aware he was scheduled to play in Minnesota tonight. Had I been, I may have tried to be there.

Weiland had the ability to sound like an entirely different person from one track to the next, doing whatever the particular song called for. That skill always blew my mind. It seems there are few who can do that or, at least, few who exercise that ability.

No information has been released about cause of death at this time, though people are drawing obvious conclusions already. Weiland struggled with drug addiction, particularly heroine, much of his life. That shit can really do a number on your body. Even if drugs weren’t directly involved, they may not be free of all blame for someone dying at the age of 48. Maybe we’ll never know for sure. His family is under no obligation to release that information, as far as I know.

Scott Weiland will be missed. It’s a damn shame to lose someone so creative when they’re far from what should be the end.