About Me

David Stegora resides in Mankato, Minnesota in the United States. From there, he serves as Editor-In-Chief of Dark Futures and is the editor of Phase 2 Magazine. He also offers proofreading and basic editing services for hire under the name 19th Day Proofreading.

His interests are varied but science fiction has always been near the top for him. Within that genre, he favors the darker and more cynical styles. He founded a Facebook discussion group for writers of cyberpunk (which has around 500 members at present and remains quite active) and can’t seem to get enough RoboCop, Judge Dredd, and Warhammer 40,000.

David has had short fiction published by Harren Press, The Opening Line, Niteblade Magazine, Far Horizons e-Magazine, and Phase 2 Magazine. He also writes an ongoing dark fantasy serial called Voice of the Witness for Calamities Press (at least when he doesn’t forget.)

You can follow him on Twitter or Facebook, as well as on this blog.