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New Starship Troopers!

Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, Sony announced a new Starship Troopers movie would be released and have a one-night-only theater run in August. The surprising thing is this movie is a continuation of the last four, not the reboot we’ve known for some time was in the works. 

That’s fucking awesome.

This movie called Traitor of Mars and is animated, just like the last one. The people who played Johnny and Dizzy in the first film returned to voice those characters, which tells us this film must be set during the same time as the first. The writer of the first movie is also back.

I love the franchise, so obviously I’m​ looking forward to it. I hope one of the theaters in my area will be showing this one. I plan to take the night off work to go, if at all possible. 

I think animated is the right way to go with this franchise, even though this will probably be the end of it. The trailer is pretty simple, doesn’t have a whole lot of information, but is still pretty damn cool.

For a little more information, and a look at the above mentioned trailer, check out the write up I did for Dark Futures yesterday.