Monthly Archives: April 2017

Am I Writing Again? Sort Of.

Anyone who knows me probably knows, or at least could have guessed, I haven’t been writing much of anything for a while now. It’s been several months, at least. That isn’t from a lack of interest or desire to do so. I’ve had plenty of ideas in that tims, I just haven’t been able to bring them together and assemble them in a way which I felt I could do anything worthwhile with. I believe that may now be beginning to change.

I recently (I think it was three or four days ago) had an idea for a story. That isn’t unusual in itself but this was different. This was an idea for something more long-form than I usually do, with sub plots and all. Maybe even something novel-length, like I’ve never really attempted before but have long wanted to. Then the idea stuck in my head for a couple of days and seemed to actually strengthen and develop, rather than fall apart as most have for me in recent memory.

Not wanting what might be a worthwhile idea to leave me, as I’m sure has happened a few times in the past, I began the process of outlining the story. What I have as of now is very much only in broad strokes. It is the shape of a story with no fine details. I have no definite names for characters or organizations involved, even using placeholders like CORP and GANG A in my notes for the time being. I’m also uncertain if the climax I have in mind is quite right for the story and my final resolution is especially grey, but this is all a start. It’s also a lot further than I’ve gotten with anything else for some time.

In any case, I’m going to give this a shot, hopefully see it through to the end. At the same time, I think it may help me if I blog more about the subject. I’ll be talking about aspects of the story and the world in which it’s set (one which has been cooking in my mind for years now) as well as my writing process and trying to form positive habits to make this happen. Posts will probably be irregular at first but should hopefully find some sort of groove eventually. It would be great if you’d come along for the ride with me. Maybe knowing people read the blog posts would spur me on even further. I’ll also be happy to discuss pretty much anything I post about in the comments.