Scott Weiland Has Died

Word is coming in that Scott Weiland, best known as the former vocalist for Stone Temple Pilots has died. In Minnesota, no less.


Image taken from the statement on Scott Weiland's Facebook page. I claim no ownership.

Somewhere in my CD collection, I have two or three Stone Temple Pilots albums and a Velvet Revolver album. I always enjoyed Weiland’s work, though I never got into it enough that I followed him closely. In fact, I was not even aware he was scheduled to play in Minnesota tonight. Had I been, I may have tried to be there.

Weiland had the ability to sound like an entirely different person from one track to the next, doing whatever the particular song called for. That skill always blew my mind. It seems there are few who can do that or, at least, few who exercise that ability.

No information has been released about cause of death at this time, though people are drawing obvious conclusions already. Weiland struggled with drug addiction, particularly heroine, much of his life. That shit can really do a number on your body. Even if drugs weren’t directly involved, they may not be free of all blame for someone dying at the age of 48. Maybe we’ll never know for sure. His family is under no obligation to release that information, as far as I know.

Scott Weiland will be missed. It’s a damn shame to lose someone so creative when they’re far from what should be the end.