What To Expect

It has been a few days since this site launched and since my first post, so by now I feel like I owe any potential audience a little more. I was cut short last time and didn’t get around to letting people know just what to expect from this site. I’ll do that now.

First of all, this will be my personal blog. That’s the main thing, really. I’ll talk about the things I want to talk about because I can. That may be rants, or announcements, or just about anything.

Something which will probably make a regular appearance here is announcements. I’ll announce here when I sell a story, when anthologies or zines with me in them release, and that sort of thing. I’ll also probably post about anything I edit and release with 19th Day, Dark Futures, Phase 2, or whatever else. In this sense, this will be much like a blog of any other writer.

Reviews, or at least my disorganized thoughts on things, will also probably be a fairly common thing around here. If I really like a movie, game, book, or whatever else, I like to tell people about it. It can spread the enjoyment and grow the overall support for the thing I like, which will help it continue.

Thoughts on ongoing things I like will also be pretty common. The big thing here will be comic book based TV shows. Arrow, The Flash, that sort of thing. Because of my schedule, I don’t get to watch these things live so I won’t have a recap up the next morning or anything, but usually within the week I’ll probably have something to say about the most recent episode and where I think the story is going. Trying to figure out what’s coming is one of my favorite parts of watching a series. Pro wrestling (WWE) will also fall under this heading to some extent, but I’m not likely to post about that as regularly.

Eventually, I may host some blog tours or do some interviews. That’s likely a ways off, though, and nothing I’m putting too much thought into at the moment.

Any questions? Anything you’d like to see here?