My name is David Stegora and you have, most likely through clicking a link I posted somewhere, found your way to my new blog, Anomalous Monologue. (Say that five times fast.) This will be the place, for the foreseeable future, where I will post about things which interest me, announce my publications, and that sort of thing. In other words, this is where I will talk to myself in cyberspace.

As this is the first real post on this blog, I feel an introduction is in order. I’m probably not going to say much that you couldn’t learn from the about me section linked at the top of this one, but who really clicks those links, anyway?

As previously stated, my name is David Stegora. I’m a writer, or so I’m told. I often feel the situation is more similar to me continuing to make up stories and write them down, the way I did for Dungeons & Dragons when I was a kid, I’ve just gotten better at it and people even occasionally pay me to do it.

I am also Editor-In-Chief (a title which I gave myself) of something called Dark Futures Literature LLC or That’s something I started in 2012 when certain aspects of my life situation changed and I found myself with more money and more time than I previously had. Yes, that’s a fancy way of saying I became single.

I’m sure I’ll give a more thorough accounting of the history of Dark Futures at some point in the future. For now, let’s just say this: I started out knowing almost nothing. I learned a lot. Things changed. Then, Phase 2 Magazine was born.

Which brings us closer to the present. Phase 2 is still going (in fact, the third issue was just released) and I am still its editor (another title which I gave myself.) I’m proud of how it progresses and of each individual issue. Readership is relatively small, but growing, and I feel like I’m doing something worth doing.

More recently, I have taken on a new project, though it has yet to really gain any traction. That is 19th Day Proofreading. I want to use my experience editing for Dark Futures and learning as a writer to provide a cheap proofreading and basic editing service to people who can’t afford to hire a seasoned professional editor, or just need basic work done for something. I’d also like to make a few extra dollars to go toward improving Phase 2, buying copies of books, and that sort of thing. I’m available for hire directly (just check out the link above) or through Fiverr. If you’re interested in hiring me directly, mention this blog post when you contact me before the end of the month, I’ll double your order (up to an additional 6,000 words).

All in all, I think this has been a decent introduction. I will return before long to discuss what can be expected from this blog in the future and then to commence with that plan.