Force Friday

This past Friday (September 4th) is what is being called Force Friday. It was the release day of all the new Star Wars stuff. That’s toys, some games, costumes, general merchandise, and even a few books.

I’ve already purchased the audio book for Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath, which is set after Return of the Jedi and will serve as the start of a lead in to The Force Awakens. I’ll be listening to that just as soon as I finish Dune.

If particular interest among the toys was a remote controlled Millennium Falcon quad flyer — basically a full on drone. I think I would enjoy owning one of those far more than a grown man should but I managed to resist the temptation to buy it. First of all, the price tag is a bit out of my reasonable budget. Assuming I don’t want to eat all ramen all month, that is. I believe it was about $110. Second, it was made by Air Hogs and I heard their stuff is not the most durable. In a month of so, I will read some reviews of it and reevaluate if I may want to save my pennies to acquire one.

So it looked like I was going to make it through Force Friday without buying any toys that I have no actual use for but want nonetheless. Of course, I’m weak and I could not allow that to happen. Apparently Micro Machines are making a comeback and there is a Star Wars ship blind bag made buy them. I picked one of those up. I gave a few packs a feel before deciding on one that felt particularly flat, hoping it would be a Millennium Falcon. It wasn’t, but I’m not disappointed. I could think of worse ways to spend $2.49+tax than this:


And that’s all I’ve got to say for now. Did you buy anything on Force Friday? Let me know in the comments.