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JustSmoke Day

For the people of Mankato, Minnesota, the 4th of September was more than just Force Friday, it was JustSmoke Day. That’s the annual celebration of the day JustSmoke came to Earth. Or his birthday. Or the birthday of a guy called Nutz or Fuzz or maybe Justin. Nah, can’t be Justin.

Anyway, JustSmoke Day manifests itself as one of the biggest and best showing of local and local-ish music of the year. The lineup this year was certainly no disappointment.


Of particular note here is the style biters, who hadn’t played a show since this same event a year ago, though I’m told they may be doing stuff more regularly again soon. They were a little rusty but entertaining as always. The also don’t have a drummer at the moment, so their set was very much like the early days of the band with just Sea Dubbz and Alex singing/shouting/rapping over a track. That made me feel a little nostalgic. If you have the time, I suggest you check them out. They have some recorded music online and there are numerous videos of them on YouTube (I’m probably even visible in a few). None of that really does justice to the live show.


From then on (since CCWD took the opening slot) was a showcase of Mankato hip-hop, including my personal favorite, Professor Fresh. Fresh does not disappoint. Ever. It’s something that lies outside his skill set. He’s got quite a bit of music online and I suggest you listen to it and buy it all. Even if you think you don’t like rap music, give it a shot. I’ve gotten a few people who said they hated rap into the local scene through his music. Real hip-hop isn’t played on the radio.

Anyhow, this was the fifth annual JustSmoke Day and I’m sure there will be more. If you ever find yourself in the Mankato area around this time of year, you should really try to make it out. We may not have shows like this as often as we used to, but when it happens it is still a thing not to be missed.

Do you have any favorite local musicians in your area? If so, let me know in the comments and maybe link me to their website or Facebook page. I’m always open to new music.

Force Friday

This past Friday (September 4th) is what is being called Force Friday. It was the release day of all the new Star Wars stuff. That’s toys, some games, costumes, general merchandise, and even a few books.

I’ve already purchased the audio book for Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath, which is set after Return of the Jedi and will serve as the start of a lead in to The Force Awakens. I’ll be listening to that just as soon as I finish Dune.

If particular interest among the toys was a remote controlled Millennium Falcon quad flyer — basically a full on drone. I think I would enjoy owning one of those far more than a grown man should but I managed to resist the temptation to buy it. First of all, the price tag is a bit out of my reasonable budget. Assuming I don’t want to eat all ramen all month, that is. I believe it was about $110. Second, it was made by Air Hogs and I heard their stuff is not the most durable. In a month of so, I will read some reviews of it and reevaluate if I may want to save my pennies to acquire one.

So it looked like I was going to make it through Force Friday without buying any toys that I have no actual use for but want nonetheless. Of course, I’m weak and I could not allow that to happen. Apparently Micro Machines are making a comeback and there is a Star Wars ship blind bag made buy them. I picked one of those up. I gave a few packs a feel before deciding on one that felt particularly flat, hoping it would be a Millennium Falcon. It wasn’t, but I’m not disappointed. I could think of worse ways to spend $2.49+tax than this:


And that’s all I’ve got to say for now. Did you buy anything on Force Friday? Let me know in the comments.

What To Expect

It has been a few days since this site launched and since my first post, so by now I feel like I owe any potential audience a little more. I was cut short last time and didn’t get around to letting people know just what to expect from this site. I’ll do that now.

First of all, this will be my personal blog. That’s the main thing, really. I’ll talk about the things I want to talk about because I can. That may be rants, or announcements, or just about anything.

Something which will probably make a regular appearance here is announcements. I’ll announce here when I sell a story, when anthologies or zines with me in them release, and that sort of thing. I’ll also probably post about anything I edit and release with 19th Day, Dark Futures, Phase 2, or whatever else. In this sense, this will be much like a blog of any other writer.

Reviews, or at least my disorganized thoughts on things, will also probably be a fairly common thing around here. If I really like a movie, game, book, or whatever else, I like to tell people about it. It can spread the enjoyment and grow the overall support for the thing I like, which will help it continue.

Thoughts on ongoing things I like will also be pretty common. The big thing here will be comic book based TV shows. Arrow, The Flash, that sort of thing. Because of my schedule, I don’t get to watch these things live so I won’t have a recap up the next morning or anything, but usually within the week I’ll probably have something to say about the most recent episode and where I think the story is going. Trying to figure out what’s coming is one of my favorite parts of watching a series. Pro wrestling (WWE) will also fall under this heading to some extent, but I’m not likely to post about that as regularly.

Eventually, I may host some blog tours or do some interviews. That’s likely a ways off, though, and nothing I’m putting too much thought into at the moment.

Any questions? Anything you’d like to see here?


My name is David Stegora and you have, most likely through clicking a link I posted somewhere, found your way to my new blog, Anomalous Monologue. (Say that five times fast.) This will be the place, for the foreseeable future, where I will post about things which interest me, announce my publications, and that sort of thing. In other words, this is where I will talk to myself in cyberspace.

As this is the first real post on this blog, I feel an introduction is in order. I’m probably not going to say much that you couldn’t learn from the about me section linked at the top of this one, but who really clicks those links, anyway?

As previously stated, my name is David Stegora. I’m a writer, or so I’m told. I often feel the situation is more similar to me continuing to make up stories and write them down, the way I did for Dungeons & Dragons when I was a kid, I’ve just gotten better at it and people even occasionally pay me to do it.

I am also Editor-In-Chief (a title which I gave myself) of something called Dark Futures Literature LLC or That’s something I started in 2012 when certain aspects of my life situation changed and I found myself with more money and more time than I previously had. Yes, that’s a fancy way of saying I became single.

I’m sure I’ll give a more thorough accounting of the history of Dark Futures at some point in the future. For now, let’s just say this: I started out knowing almost nothing. I learned a lot. Things changed. Then, Phase 2 Magazine was born.

Which brings us closer to the present. Phase 2 is still going (in fact, the third issue was just released) and I am still its editor (another title which I gave myself.) I’m proud of how it progresses and of each individual issue. Readership is relatively small, but growing, and I feel like I’m doing something worth doing.

More recently, I have taken on a new project, though it has yet to really gain any traction. That is 19th Day Proofreading. I want to use my experience editing for Dark Futures and learning as a writer to provide a cheap proofreading and basic editing service to people who can’t afford to hire a seasoned professional editor, or just need basic work done for something. I’d also like to make a few extra dollars to go toward improving Phase 2, buying copies of books, and that sort of thing. I’m available for hire directly (just check out the link above) or through Fiverr. If you’re interested in hiring me directly, mention this blog post when you contact me before the end of the month, I’ll double your order (up to an additional 6,000 words).

All in all, I think this has been a decent introduction. I will return before long to discuss what can be expected from this blog in the future and then to commence with that plan.